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R o a d s i d e   W o n d e r s
The title says it all: "Wild, Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful Tourist Traps in Redwoods Country." Compiled by a local innkeeper, this travelogue of Northern California's more bizarre roadside attractions includes such gems as Leggett's Crackerjack Duckpond, The World's Biggest Abalone Shell, and The Little Town that Isn't There Anymore. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

E - Z   S l e e p
Plan ahead with the TravelNow online index of hotels in the US and Canada. Accommodations are listed by city and region, as you'd expect, but they're also pinpointed by their nearest interstate and freeway exits. Scrutinize the amenities and prices, then book a reservation directly using the forms provided.

D r y   S p o t s
Top up the radiator and cruise the Virtual Desert. Lenadams Dorris's Dust Devil keeps tabs on a wide variety of desert-related Web sites, from "The Monastery of Christ In the Desert" to "A BioBrief on Desert Tortoises." Also, quick links to up-to-date weather forecasts for the major dry lands of the US.

A f r i c a   i n   I l l i n o i s
The Yoruba and Akan Art in Wood and Metal online exhibit offers a close look at the traditional culture of West Africa. An experimental catalog for an exhibit at Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences in Peoria, Illinois, Cutting to the Essence, Shaping for the Fire, examines the history of these two dominant African peoples through their sculpture. This detailed site does a beautiful job of integrating text with images.

By Janelle Brown


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