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Don't look now, but the Web just stole the best (the only?) reason to visit Cleveland! Instead of heading out to the so-called mistake by the lake for your information on aging rock stars, why not visit the online home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum? Just don't ask where the Velvet Underground is.

Looking to explore underground dance music on CD-plus? You can't do it on the Web, but you can get a tantalizing look at the head-travel CD-plus. This eye-catching site offers a look (well, a listen, actually) at some of the electronic music artists whose work is on the CD-plus.

Want to be a DJ or just act like one? The easiest way to stay on top of the quickly changing sounds of house music is to sample before you buy at the Rare Groove Song Snippets site. Dancing in front of your monitor is not discouraged.

All those who miss the tinny sound of AM radio, please raise you hands. OK, now go and check out LiSTeN Up MAGaZINE, a "real-time" music magazine that uses RealAudio technology to prove that new media doesn't have to sound good. An interesting concept.

By Stephro and Robfro


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