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How do I use HotWired?

Cruising the Web

Where can I get more information about HTML, browsers, and the World Wide Web?
What do I do if my images don't display?
What if I'm not using a graphical browser?
How can I change text size, styles, and colors?

HotWired Membership

How do I get into HotWired?
How many memberships can I have?
What does membership include?
How should I choose a username?
What if the username I choose is already taken?
What if I want to change my username or email address?
What if I forget my password?
What is user verification?
Can I still use HotWired if I haven't verified my account?

Getting Around

How do I get to a new section?
How do I go back to a previous section?
How do I use the help bar?
What are those buttons at the bottom of my screen?


What do I do if my images don't display?
What if I'm not using a graphical browser?
Can I change text styles and colors?
Why won't movies or sounds play on my computer?
Why can't I reach USENET?

Bugs you may encounter at HotWired.
How do I report suspected HotWired bugs?


What is Signal?

World Beat

What is World Beat?


What is Adrenaline?


What is Piazza?
What are Threads?
Where can I find Threads?
What are links?
How do I add a link?
What are posts?
How can I see posts in a Thread?
How can I send email to somebody about their post?
How can I add a post?
How can I suggest a new topic?
What are Rants & Raves?
What is Club Wired?
How do I get into Club Wired?
What do I do once I'm in there?
How do I ask a question of a guest speaker?
What if I can't get into Club Wired?
How can I get more information on telnet?

Renaissance 2.0

What is Renaissance 2.0?
Why won't movies or sounds play on my computer?

Wired Magazine

What's in the Wired magazine archive?
How do I subscribe online?
How do I buy WiredWare online?
What's in the Privacy Archive?


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